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Company: LR Group

the challenge

The LR Group is a well-established Israeli company that operates in developing countries in the areas of agricultural promotion, hospital construction, medical projects, communications networks, building and more. As a result of its experience in the field, the company has already witnessed how various projects it piloted have led to changes in the economic and social reality of the local populations. Thus, the value of "realizing the vision" was brought to us as a brief for the project. Since its inception, the company had never had branded marketing channels. This resulted in a significant gap between its actual practice and the scope of the written and visual content that came with the project.


  • branding identity
  • UX
  • web design
  • responsive development
  • Wordpress CMS
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LR Group

the concept

In order to position the company as a leader in social and economic change, we decided to use and highlight the people that participate in the various projects. Since the Company did not maintain an available visual database, it was decided to send a photographer to active projects in order to document the local population. Moreover, we produced aerial photo shoots to document the projects and visually convey the scope of the company’s activity.

LR Group
LR Group
LR Group
LR Group
LR Group
LR Group

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