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Digital positioning for an Ecommerce website

Company: Arco Design

the challenge

Arco Design is an importer and manufacturer of designer furniture, and its customers are event designers. Despite the high quality standards maintained by the company, there was a problem with the process of renting equipment to its customers, which is carried out on a daily basis. This requires both parties to maintain a physical conversation, with a thorough examination of the company catalog and the writing of the desired order.


  • branding identity
  • UX
  • web design
  • responsive development
  • Wordpress CMS
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arco design
arco design
arco design

the concept

We decided to create an alternative platform through which the process between the company and its customers is carried out. With this platform, the company will be able to present a catalog of digital products, while customers can add selected products to a shopping cart and request a quote for these products. Since the customers are used to direct service in the form of a dialog with a representative, it was important for us to emphasize the convenience and efficiency of using the alternative platform. This was highlighted by key features such as the quick “Add Item to Cart” that does not abandon the category and smooth navigation between categories through a fixed navigation icon. In each category, the desired items are presented along with the option of adding multiple items to the shopping cart. In addition, we created a gallery page that presents different events, in order to inspire the designers and encourage them to visit the pages of the products shown in the pictures.

arco design
arco design
arco design
arco design

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