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Muze is an award-winning product design studio based in Tel Aviv.

muze™ - Our name is an extension of our design philosophy:
Creating meaningful solutions driven by passion and constant search for quality and unique outcomes.

We call our product Successful Design Strategy. It means we help you explore, envision, and prototype your product, finding improved usability solutions and that enable you to create extraordinary experiences for your customers.

Integrating code thinking during the early stages is crucial. The product needs to be designed in a consistent way with component logic, an understandable flow, and a grid so the customer will intuitively understand your platform.

Our low-fidelity prototypes enable rapid upgrades and faster solutions. When the design is ready, we can switch to a pixel-perfect designed system.

Our creative team will share a variety of solutions to meet your design challenges, and many companies continue to work with us after your product is launched. . We know your product from the inside out, enabling the rapid design of new features in future versions.

Businesses are not about selling a product, they are about selling results. We will help you deliver a consistent experience across the ecosystem on all digital touchpoints.

When it comes to product design, we have a unique product design process for each stage of development. Whether you need help telling your story or understanding the customer experience, our strategic design process is ready to tackle your unique UX challenges.

Our colleagues from Tokyo visited us to learn in person about our strategic design process.


We’re proud of our achievements!

The Founders

It started with two childhood friends, Eyal Talmon and Yonatan Cohen, working together since the mobile design impacted and responsive design appeared, they were learning client-side code just to make a better user experience design and now they are operating a team of designers focusing on design thinking methodology

Eyal Talmon

Business Development Manager, Co-Founder

Eyal draws on more than 10 years of design experience to find the best solution for your product. He has vast knowledge and deep experience in client-side code, which enables seamless collaboration with your R&D team as projects transition from the design phase to development. Eyal has a B.Des in Interaction Graphic Design from Max Yezreel Valley college.

Yonatan Cohen

Creative Director, Co-Founder

With more than a decade in design, Yonatan knows what it takes to push the muze team to think outside the box. He has a wealth of experience in UX planning for complex design systems and various digital products. Yonatan has a B.Des in Interaction Graphic Design from HIT Holon college. .

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